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Why NFPA recommends home smoke alarms be replaced after 10 years Smoke alarms are one of the most important safety features of your home. Properly installed, working smoke alarms will give you the early warning you need to safely escape from a fire. But how do you make sure your alarms are working? One important …

Can We Find You?

The Brewster Fire & Rescue Department would like to ask all of the town’s residents to see if their house numbers are on their house and visible from the street. If not, please place or replace the house numbers so that we can find you quickly if there is an emergency.  Post your house numbers …

Carbon Monoxide Risks at Home

Recently, public attention has focused on the risk of carbon monoxide (or CO) poisoning in the home. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) prepared information to help people protect themselves and their families against CO poisoning. What Is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, colorless gas created when fossil fuels (such as gasoline, …

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Cooking Safety

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Smoke Detector Fact Sheet

How effective are smoke detectors?Residential fire deaths have decreased steadily as the number of homes with smoke detectors increased. Reports from the National Fire Protection Association on residential fire deaths show that people have nearly a 50 percent better chance of surviving a fire if their home has the recommended number of smoke detectors. Should …

Christmas Tree Fires

Carefully decorating Christmas trees can help make your holidays safer.   Facts & Figures* In 1998, Christmas trees were the first item ignited in 300 home fires, resulting in 11 injuries and $8 million in direct property damage. The leading cause of Christmas tree fires and property damage was short circuit or ground fault (21%). …

Halloween Fire Safety

To protect children participating in Halloween activities from fire and burn injuries, experts at the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) say to plan ahead. “Taking simple fire safety precautions, like making sure fabrics for costumes and decorative materials are flame resistant, can prevent fires,” says Meri-K Appy, NFPA assistant vice president for public education. …

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