Mar 04

Brewster Office of Emergency Management Storm Update


As of 10:00 am Sunday March 4, 2480 or 28% of residents in the Town of Brewster remain without power. This is down from a high of 50% yesterday afternoon.  At this time crews from Eversource are in Town and working on full restoration which for some areas may take until Tuesday or Wednesday.


All roads have been made passable by crews from the Department of Public Works, Water Department, and Natural Resources. The Fire Department has responded to approximately 100 requests for service in the past 48 hours and the Police have also been as busy responding to and managing a number of police related incidents.


The Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Group has opened the Cape Tech regional shelter in Harwich (Cape Tech Regional High School) for Brewster residents. Red Cross is on scene and providing services at that location. Pets in crates or carriers are being accepted. Parking is available. For transportation assistance residents should call the Brewster Police Department at 508-896-7011 and arrangements will be made. It is unknown at this time if the shelter will remain open tonight.  Please check back later for further information on same. Identified below are a few very important safety items:


  • Eversource crews have removed most of the trees involved in downed power lines and cut off the power sources to these locations. However, in a storm of this magnitude these downed primary and secondary wires may still be energized. DO NOT MOVE OR TOUCH THESE WIRES!


  • Roads have been barricaded for your protection. Do not move or go around them. They may be blocking an area of a road that remains hazardous.


  • The Fire Department is dispatched by the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center. To report an emergency residents MUSTcall 911. During a storm of this type the fire department will not be available to answer our local phone number. Do not call direct to fire headquarters for an emergency. This may delay our response.



Mar 02

Course: Fireground Situational Awareness

Barnstable County Fire Chiefs Association Presents
Fireground Situational Awareness
Presented by Deputy Chief (ret) Michael Terpak, Jersey City (NJ) Fire Department

Experience has shown us that situational awareness, or the lack of it, can create a consistent series of fireground concerns that can quickly lead to the success or failure of an emergency incident. The dynamic nature of fire suppression operations in our challenging environment requires the intrinsic ability to quickly size-up a situation and use the gathered information in a rapid process that supports outstanding decision making, exceptional management and coordination of engine and truck crews, strict command and control, and precise accountability of the assigned tasks by members of the command staff. Ensuring that all members operating on the fireground know “when to stay” or “when to go” and the importance of both firefighter and command situational awareness are just a few of the critical fireground challenges outlined in this seminar.
Michael Terpak has been in the fire service for 41 years spending the last 36 years with the Jersey City Fire Department where he recently retired as a Deputy Chief and City-Wide Tour Commander. As a Battalion he served as Chief in-charge of the city’s Training Division. Terpak travels extensively lecturing on fire/rescue topics and is the founder of Promotional Prep, a consulting firm designed to prepare firefighters and fire officers studying for promotional exams. Chief Terpak, also holds a BS degree in Fire Safety Administration from the City University of New Jersey, and is the author of five best-selling books, “Fire Ground Size-Up” , “Assessment Center Strategy and Tactics” ,“Fire Ground Operational Guides” “Assessment Center Management and Supervision” and Fire Officer Oral Assessment Study Guides.
Location: Captains Golf Course Pavilion 1000 Freemans Way, Brewster MA 02631
Dates: Friday May 4, 2018
Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Program Cost: $85.00 ea. includes all program costs, continental breakfast and lunch

Make Checks payable to: Barnstable County Fire Chiefs Association C/O Fire Chief Robert Moran, Brewster Fire Department 1657 Main Street Brewster, MA 02631

Space is limited to 100 attendees! Reserve your spot asap!
For more program information contact: Brewster Fire Chief Robert Moran at 508-896-7018 or at

Feb 19

Brewster Fire/Rescue Accepts Delivery of New Fire Apparatus

The Brewster Fire Department recently accepted delivery of a 2018 Ferrara Multi-Vocational Pumper (MVP) on an Igniter chassis. The new apparatus was designed to merge the assets of the department’s 1989 Pierce pumper and 2005 Heavy Rescue into one multi-functional unit capable of responding to and operating at structure fires, motor vehicle collisions, technical rescue incidents, water rescues, EMS incidents, and all other requests for service. The unit will allow the department to significantly improve the level of response efficiency and effectiveness it provides the community and its ability to answer the various types of service requests we experience on an annual basis. As part of the purchase the department will trade-in the 1989 Pierce pumper and 2005 Heavy Rescue allowing for a reduction in the overall cost of the unit and a decrease in the overall number of fire apparatus maintained by the department. Additionally, the vehicle is certified as a Type V EMS response unit which allows the use of ambulance receipts to fund the purchase. Specific details of the new vehicle include:

• Igniter custom five person cab

• NFPA 1901 certified pumper

• 1750 gallon per minute (GPM) pump

• 750 gallons of water

• 30 gallons of Class “A” foam

• 5 pre-connected attack lines

• Front intake

• Liberator 10KW generator

• LED lighting

• XRT hydraulic power system for vehicle extrication tools

• Full complement of Paratech air lifting bags

• Rapid intervention equipment

• Light tower

• 9000 lb. winch

Feb 13

Brewster Firefighters Respond to Chimney Fire

On Saturday February 10 at 11:35 a.m. the Brewster Fire Department was dispatched to a possible chimney fire at 350 Black Duck Cartway. On arrival Engine 234 and Ladder 237 under the direction of Captain Dan Kimball found an active chimney fire with flames emanating from the top of the chimney. An interior investigation revealed a fire within the flue of wood burning stove. Car 231 (Chief Moran) arrived on scene and assumed command from the Captain. With a deep setback from the road Ladder 237 was set up to safely access the chimney and FF Michael Gerlach was assigned to sweep the flue with chains. As shown in the photos the availability of an aerial device with a reach of 109’ allowed firefighters too rapidly and safely access the chimney which proved to be a critical factor in a positive outcome. While this operation was being conducted a check of the interior wall structures and void spaces of the home with thermal imaging cameras showed the fire to be contained within the chimney vent. After several attempts the blockage was cleared and the embers collected and extinguished. All Brewster units were placed back into service at 12:49 p.m. During the incident the Dennis Fire Department provided an engine company to cover additional responses within the Town.
The Brewster Fire Department would like to use this incident as a reminder to ensure the flues and vents for your chimney and wood burning stove are cleaned and inspected annually by a reputable chimney cleaning service.


Feb 05

Brewster Fire Department Offers Safety Tips for Burn Awareness Week

State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey announced that national Burn Awareness Week is February 4-10, 2018. “While we traditionally associate burns with fires, the leading burn problem in Massachusetts is hot liquid scalds to children under 5,” said State Fire Marshal Ostroskey, “Remember that hot liquids burn like fire.”


Children under 5 Most at Risk of Burns; Scalds Leading Cause

According to the Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System (M-BIRS), children under five account for more than one-quarter of all burn injuries. Scalds from hot beverages like coffee and tea, hot water in the tub, and spilled cooking liquids caused 84% of the burns to children under five in 2017.


Tips to Prevent Scald Burns

State Fire Marshal Ostroskey offers these tips to prevent burns from hot liquids:

  • Place babies or toddlers safely in a high chair or playpen while drinking hot coffee or tea. When holding children, put your hot beverage down, because a wiggling baby can move your arm and spill the drink.
  • Put drinks and soups toward the center of the table away from curious fingers. Babies like to grab things.
  • Consider replacing tablecloths with placemats to prevent children from pulling things on the table onto themselves.
  • Create a 3-foot safety zone around the stove and barbecue where children are not allowed, even when no cooking is taking place. Teach children to stay three giant steps away from these appliances.
  • Use the back burners and turn pot handles away from the stove’s edge.
  • Constantly supervise a young child in the bathtub. Place children facing away from faucets, so that they cannot turn on the hot water themselves.
  • Always turn on the cold water faucet first, then add hot water.


Set Water Heaters to 125° F or Less
In Massachusetts, the State Sanitary Code requires hot water heaters be set to temperatures between 110° and 130° Fahrenheit. The code also requires mixing valves that also help prevent scalds to ensure bath water does not exceed 112° F at the faucet and water from other household faucets does not exceed 130°.




Scalds Cause 45% of Burns to Older Adults

Older adults also frequently suffer scald burns from hot liquids and steam. As we age our skin becomes thinner, and serious burns occur more quickly.


Burn First Aid: Cool Water
“Treat a burn with cool water; don’t use grease, butter, ointments, lotions or fats, because they can make the burn worse. Be sure to call 9-1-1 for medical help for all but the most minor burns,” Ostroskey said. He also offered these treatment tips for burns:


Stop, Drop and Roll

“If flames ignite clothing, it is important to remember to Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll,” said Ostroskey. Children should be taught to stop, drop and roll if their clothing is on fire. Older children, adults and seniors must be aware that they can put out clothing fires even in a tight space, by rocking back and forth until the flames are out, or using a blanket or coat to smother the flames.


Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System (M-BIRS)

The Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System (M-BIRS) collects reports of all burns of five percent or more of the body surface area from doctors and medical treatment facilities in Massachusetts. M-BIRS is a joint program of the state Department of Fire Services and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH). The “Burn Registry” provides valuable data on the nature of the burn problem in the Commonwealth. It is also a tool to help fire service and law enforcement personnel identify arsonists that may have been burned while setting fires.


For more information on burn safety, go to search for “burn safety”   Media release furnished by Mass Department of Fire Services


Feb 02

Brewster Fire Department Responds to Overturned Auto

On Tuesday January 30 at 8:55 a.m. the Brewster Fire Department was dispatched to a reported motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Millstone Road and Prell Circle. Ambulance 242, Car 230, Car 231 (Chief Moran) and Car 232 (Deputy Chief Varley) responded. On arrival Deputy Varley found an overturned SUV with six occupants outside of the vehicle (2 adults/4 children). All patients were evaluated for injuries with one child was transported to Cape Cod Hospital for further evaluation of reported neck pain. Slippery road conditions from a morning snowstorm contributed to accident.

Jan 30

Brewster Firefighters Rescue Female from Cape Cod Bay

On Sunday January 28 at 6:41 p.m. the Brewster Fire Department was dispatched by the Brewster Police to Breakwater Beach for a female party in the water. Ambulance 243, Engine 234, Car 231 (Chief Moran), and Car 232 (Deputy Chief Varley) responded to the scene. On arrival Captain Anthony Dalmau reported three individuals in the water (one student and two staff members of the Latham School) with the student refusing to come to shore. He immediately requested Engine 234 to prepare rescue swimmers to enter the dark, cold, wind-driven water and conduct a rescue of the individuals. Captain Dan Kimball and FF Chad Foakes donned suits and entered the bay to effect the rescue. The two staff members self-evacuated with assistance from the water however the female student continued to move off shore with the rescue swimmers following until such time they lost sight of her in the choppy waters approximately 150 yards from shore.

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Jan 26

Brewster Fire Department Responds to Route 6 Car Fire

On Thursday January 25 at 9:16 a.m. the Brewster Fire Department was dispatched to a car fire on Route 6 westbound at mile marker 85. The fire was first reported by the State Police. On arrival Brewster Engine 234 found the vehicle fully involved. A 1 ¾ attack line was stretched from the engine and the fire was quickly knocked down. Brewster Engine 239 also responded to the scene as a secondary water source. Traffic was closed in both directions for a short period of time by the Brewster and State Police due to the lanes being obscured by heavy smoke. The vehicle was a total loss. All fire units were placed back in service by approximately 10:00 a.m.

Jan 24

Brewster Fire Responds to Dennis Structure Fire

On Saturday January 20 at 12:20 p.m. the Brewster Fire Department responded to Dennis for a reported structure fire at 66 Sea Street. At the time of dispatch the Dennis Fire Department was handling several other incidents which allowed Brewster Engine 234 under the direction of Captain Dan Kimball to arrive first due at the fire with Dennis Deputy Chief Robert Brown. On arrival heavy black smoke was showing from side “B” of the building. A quick size-up determined the fire was located in the basement of the 200 year old dwelling. The engine crew stretched a 1 ¾ attack line into the below grade area initiating a quick knock down of the heavy fire. Dennis firefighters arrived on scene and stretched a back-up line into the basement while others completed ventilation of the structure and utility shut offs. Dennis fire officials say the occupants of the building were welding in an attached barn and as a result hot embers slipped through the flooring into the basement causing the fire. Damage to the structure was contained to the basement.

Brewster Car 231 (Chief Moran) also responded to the scene.

Jan 20

Brewster Fire is Hiring

The Town of Brewster seeks qualified applicants for the full-time position of Firefighter/Paramedic. Requirements include Massachusetts Paramedic and FF I/II Pro-Board certification, high school diploma or GED (Associates Degree preferred), and current Massachusetts state driver’s license. Employment hours shall be Tuesday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (40 hour work week). The position is funded through a SAFER Firefighters Hiring Grant. The successful candidate must pass a comprehensive medical examination, drug screening, criminal background investigation, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Human Resources Division’s Physical Abilities Test prior to employment. Interested applicants shall send cover letter and resume to Fire Chief Robert Moran Brewster Fire/Rescue Headquarters 1657 Main Street, Brewster MA 02631. Deadline for submissions is Friday February 2, 2018 or until positions are filled. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.