Aug 16

Congrats the Brewster Whitecaps

Brewster Fire Department Congratulates the Brewster Whitecaps on winning the Cape Cod Baseball League 2017 Championship!

Aug 11

Brewster Fire Department Supports the Pan- Mass Bike Challenge

On Sunday August 6 the Brewster Fire Department proudly supported the bike riders participating in the Pan-Mass Challenge by the awe-inspiring and popular display of the departments oversized American Flag from Ladder 237 during the challenging fund raising bike race. Many of the riders shouted their thanks and approval as they rode past the flag with a number stopping to take photos in front of this stunning American icon.

The PMC Challenge is an athletic event started in 1980 to raise money for cancer research. The race has a number of routes for bikers to ride including the most popular which is a two-day event starting in Wellsley and ending in Provincetown which runs through 46 Massachusetts communities. This year the Owners Project Managers for the Fire Department construction project Rick Pomroy and Taylor MacDonald participated in the race and took the time to stop by for a photo with their team members and fire department personnel (see photos).

The Brewster Fire Department would like to thank all of the riders for the determination and dedication they displayed in completing the challenge and their admirable support of cancer research.

Aug 04

Brewster Fire Department Schedules Beam Signing

The Brewster Fire Department will be hosting a beam signing event at the current fire station on Saturday August 12, Sunday August 13, and Monday August 14 between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.  Members of the community, Town officials, and supporters of the fire department will have the opportunity to sign one of the main structural beams that will be placed inside the apparatus bay section of the new fire facility currently under construction. These signatures will remain viewable from the apparatus bay and will become permanent images within the new facility.  
Please take the time to visit headquarters during one of these two days to sign the beam, show your support of the fire department, and become a permanent part of the history of our great community!  

Aug 03

New Fire Headquarters Takes Shape

On Wednesday August 2, MAS Building & Bridge began setting the steel structural components of the Administrative portion of the Towns new fire headquarters and masonry, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and foundation production continues as scheduled. Work that will establish a new parking lot, interior roadways, a new water line, and a new septic system for the Council on Aging was in full swing and is scheduled to be completed by September. Project committee meetings continue to be held every two weeks to ensure constant oversight of the project by the Fire Station Building Committee is maintained and the Fire Chiefs office continues to maintain daily contact with the contractor (Delphi), owner’s project manager (Pomroy Associates), and architect (CDR Maguire) to track and verify all design elements are followed.

Jul 28

Brewster Fire Department Conducts Monthly Fire Based Training

On Thursday July 27 the Brewster Fire Department conducted their monthly fire based training which focused on the review of the equipment, response capabilities, and incident operations of the Barnstable County Regional Technical Rescue and Dive Team. This highly trained and well equipped team is a regional asset that responds to a variety of technical rescue incidents across Cape Cod including water rescue and recovery, building collapse, trench rescue, high/low angle rope rescue, confined space rescue, and search for missing person events.
When the team is requested to respond to incidents it is critical that members of local fire departments are familiar with the operations and equipment of the team since they may be working in unison as a group to mitigate the incident at hand.  During this training event Brewster firefighters were afforded the opportunity to review the team’s equipment, discuss response protocols with team members, and proactively identify what they may be tasked with during a technical rescue incident.
We would like to thank technical rescue team members; Brewster Captain Dan Kimball, Harwich firefighters Eric Elliot, Josh Ford, and Ryan Avery, and Harwich Fire Chief Clarke and Deputy Fire Chief LeBlanc for providing the staffing and expertise that assisted us in completing this training.  

Jul 28

Brewster Firefighters Complete Probationary Phase

Fire Chief Robert Moran is pleased to announce that Career Firefighter/Paramedic Jared Hogg, Call FF/Paramedic Carrie McEnaney, and Call FF/EMT’s Dean Smith and Richard Bunker successfully completed their one-year probationary period during the month of June and have become permanent members of the department.  
Before taken off of probation a review of each firefighters work and response record is undertaken by the Chiefs office. This includes a written assessment from their Group Captain, evaluation of their attendance at training events and responses, and an individual interview with each member.  
We congratulate these firefighters for their dedication and effort to become permanent members of the department and for their service to the community.

Jul 21

Brewster and Orleans Fire Departments Participate in “Playing Above the Influence” Event

On Saturday July 18 the Brewster and Orleans Fire Departments participated in the Cape Cod Baseball League and Gosnold on Cape Cod’s “Playing Above the Influence event at Eldredge Park in Orleans.
During the well-attended event Gosnold, who is the leading provider of addiction and mental health services on Cape Cod, presented former Boston Celtics player Chris Herren as the special guest speaker. After completing intensive rehabilitation programs, Herren has been alcohol and drug-free since 2008, and speaks to groups throughout the nation about his battle with drug abuse and how he is overcoming it.
During the program the Brewster Fire Department proudly displayed their oversized American Flag from Ladder 237 and the Orleans Fire Department provided a slip-n-slide for all those willing to cool off from the afternoon heat. Other public safety organizations present included the Orleans, Brewster and Wellfleet police departments and a representative from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit.
The Brewster Fire Department would like to thank the Whitecaps. Gosnold, and the Cape Cod Baseball League or providing us the opportunity to participate in this great community event!

Jul 10

Brewster Fire Department Participates in Conservation Day


On Saturday July 8 the Brewster Fire Department participated in the Towns annual Conservation Day.  During the event many Town Departments, Committees, and outside agencies set up displays, distributed literature, and conducted demonstrations related to their organizations ongoing conservation efforts while providing quality information on the vital roles their respective groups play in enhancing our community’s daily life environment.  


During the program the department’s large American flag was proudly displayed from Ladder 237 while members distributed fire prevention literature, coloring books, helmets, water bottles, and Frisbees to the attendees. The fire department would like to thank the Natural Resources Department for sponsoring another great Conservation Day and for giving us the opportunity to participate!



Jul 03

Grilling Safety

Many people enjoy barbecuing in the summer months. But when grills are not used safely, things can go horribly wrong. Between 2011 and 2015 Massachusetts fire departments responded to 431 fires involving grills, hibachis, and barbecues. These fires caused 20 civilian injuries, three firefighter injuries, and $3.5 million in property damage. For safe grilling, always follow your owner’s manual and practice the safety tips provided here. 

Safety First 

Always grill outdoors.

Grills cannot be used on a porch, balcony or deck with a roof, overhang or wall (other than the exterior of the building).

Grills can only be used on open first floor porches, decks or patios if there is an outdoor stairway to the ground, or the porch is at ground level.

Grills must be 10-feet from the side of a building unless the manufacturer’s instructions say it can be closer. Make sure grills are not underneath overhanging branches.

Grills cannot be used on fire escapes.

Place grills away from the house and deck railings.

Keep all matches, lighters and lighter fluid away from children.

Keep children and pets three feet away from grills. Children should never play near grills or propane cylinders.

Gas Grill Safety 

Gas grills are safe and convenient when they are assembled and used properly. Gas grills are fueled by liquid propane which is pressurized and requires special handling and storage. Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Safe Cooking 

Make sure that the lid of a gas grill is open when you light it. Propane can build up inside and when ignited, the lid may blow off.

If you smell gas while cooking, turn off and get away from the grill. Call 911 from a safe location. Do not move the grill.

Always turn off the burners and close the propane cylinder when done cooking.

Never leave a burning grill unattended.

connections are tight before turning on the gas.

• Leaks can be detected by dabbing the connections with a solution of soapy water and turning on the gas momentarily. If bubbles occur, there is a leak that must be fixed before the grill is used. Do not use matches or lighters to check for leaks.

• Check the tubes to the burners for blockages resulting from insect nests or from grease. Use a pipe cleaner or wire to clear blockages.

• Clean the grease trap every time you grill.

• Take tanks and grills that need repair to a propane dealer or a qualified appliance repair person.

• Replace propane cylinders that are old, rusty, or showing any other signs of disrepair.

Charcoal Grills

Propane is the most common grilling fuel, but many people use charcoal grills. Here are some charcoal grill safety tips:

Use only charcoal starter fluid. Gasoline and kerosene should not be used to start a fire in a grill. Never add lighter fluid to burning briquettes or hot coals. Doing so may cause a flash fire and result in serious burn injuries.

Charcoal briquettes give off carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly. Always use charcoal grills in a well-ventilated area. Never use charcoal grills indoors.

For proper disposal of grill ashes, allow the coals to burn out completely and then cool for 48 hours before disposal.

If you must dispose of ashes before they are completely cooled, thoroughly soak them in water before putting them in a metal container.

Grilling-safety fact sheet 2017

Jul 03

Brewster Fire Welcomes New Call Firefighters

On June 28, 2017 the Brewster Fire Department added Call FF/EMT’s James Sandino, Colleen Phelan, Louis Carlo, and Andrew Ottino to the department roster. The new Call members were added after completing four nights of emergency medical service training designed to acclimate the group to department equipment, policies, and procedures. Our organization is excited to introduce these new employees to our staff in time for the busy summer season and we also wish them much success in their new positions!

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