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Safety Officer

This position helps the Brewster Fire Department to be in compliance with various state and federal laws and standards governing the activities of Massachusetts fire departments. The Captain assigned this position is on call for all emergency incidents requiring the recall of Brewster personnel. He responds directly to fire and emergency incidents and upon arrival assumes the position of Safety Officer. In Brewster and throughout the country, this position has vital responsibilities.

  • Incident Safety officer, responds to all fires, rescues, and other incidents and ensures that all firefighters are accounted for through the use of our departmental accountability system
  • Ensures that all firefighters are in compliance with departmental procedures governing the use of personal protective equipment
  • Monitors the fire building or incident scene for any unsafe conditions detrimental to firefighter safety
  • Works in conjunction with emergency medical personnel to ensure medical transport capabilities and establish a fireground rehabilitation area
  • Ensures a Rapid Intervention Crew is established and provides oversight

The position of Safety Officer is currently filled by a part-time paid on-call Fire Captain with more than 20 years of experience with Brewster. The addition of this position has reinforced our commitment to provide our firefighters with a safe working environment at emergency incidents and allowed our Chief Officers the opportunity to focus on their core responsibility of implementing strategic and tactical decisions at emergency scenes.