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Communications  (Talkgroup ID 37328 & 453.55 MHz 114.8 PL tone, FCC callsign WPWJ582)

The fire department’s daily operations are on an 800 MHz SmartZone II statewide trunked radio system with a local UHF system serving as a backup. Brewster Fire, along with all other fire departments in Barnstable County, migrated from a VHF low band radio network in the 33 MHz range to a trunked radio system around 1998. The statewide trunked system is administered and used by the Massachusetts State Police and used by public safety agencies on Cape Cod along with certain other agencies across the state.

Like all Cape fire departments, we utilize 800 MHz portable and mobile radios, each programmed with about 35-40 different channels giving us the ability to talk directly with every fire department in the county, our local police, and on other regional channels. Most Cape departments, including Brewster, use some type of simulcasting between the 800 MHz and their local radio systems for radio paging purposes. The tone encoded radio pagers are used to alert and recall off duty personnel for incidents.

Brewster uses their local UHF system for paging and as a backup means of communication. Mobile UHF radios are installed in all apparatus. This system makes us interoperable with all other Brewster municipal departments who operate on UHF and with our neighboring departments and agencies as well. Many fire department members are issued a portable 800 MHz radio with remote speaker microphone, a UHF portable radio, and every member is issued a Minitor V radio pager.