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Revised Plan Review Process

A revised plan review process that corresponds to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Building Codes has been implemented by the Brewster Fire and Building Departments.  Individuals requiring fire department plan reviews shall submit three (3) copies of the building plans to the Town of Brewster Building Department for initial review. Included in these plans shall be the location(s) of existing and proposed smoke detector, heat detector, and carbon monoxide detector units. The Building Department will then forward the plans to the Fire Prevention Bureau for our review and approval.

In the event additional information regarding the proposed project is required Captain Romme will contact individual submitters to discuss the scope of the plans and the requirements for same. It is important to remember the individual submitting the plan is responsible for placing the detector locations as stated above prior to submittal.  Submitted plans not following this protocol will be rejected.

The Fire Prevention Bureau remains available to answer questions regarding the revised process and assist residents, developers, and builders complete their proposed projects in a safe and efficient manner following all applicable fire and building codes.