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Requirements for Permit Submittal

The following information will assist you in preparing and gathering the necessary documents when applying for permits at the Brewster Fire Department.  If the permit you need is not on this list, please contact the fire department at (508) 896-7018 for assistance.

  • Fire Alarm and/or Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    1. Application for permit
    2. Plans showing all devices and panel
    3. Cut sheets of all devices (panel must be Commercial/Fire Rated)
    4. Narrative describing how the system works
  •  Sprinkler System Installation

**Note:  Moving or adding 7 or more sprinkler heads requires a plan

    1. Application for permit
    2. Stamped Engineered Plan
    3. Cut sheets of all devices to be installed
    4. Narrative explaining the system


  • Oil Burning Equipment and Storage of Fuel Oil

**Note:  It is the Oil company/Installer’s responsibility to obtain and pay for the permit from the fire department

    1. Permit must be filled out completely at the fire department
    2. An inspection can be scheduled when the permit is submitted at the fire department
  •  Underground Tank Removal
    1. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148 Section 38A permit is required for removal of underground storage tanks
    2. The removal of the tank must be witnessed and signed off by the Fire Inspector
  • Above Ground Tank Removal
    1. 527 CMR 9.02 Permit from the Brewster Fire Department is required
    2. An inspection must be made to verify the tank and equipment has been removed

All checks should be made payable to the “Town of Brewster”
(see fee schedule for the correct amount)