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Emergency Medical Services Billing

The Brewster Fire Department currently bills for Ambulance transports. All other Emergency Medical Services are provided at no additional charge to the residents and visitors of the Town of Brewster.

The Brewster Fire Department contracts with COMSTAR Ambulance Billing Service of Rowley, Massachusetts. COMSTAR is tasked with billing patients and insurance providers for the services and equipment that are used during ambulance transports. All questions or inquiries concerning ambulance service statements can be directed to Comstar at (800)-488-4351.

The revenue that is collected through ambulance transport billing is deposited into the Town of Brewster’s Ambulance Receipts Account. Funds from this account can only be utilized by the fire department after a vote of the community during a town meeting. The Ambulance Receipts Account is typically utilized to: purchase medical supplies (most of which can only be used a single time), fund medical equipment maintenance and repair costs, and to fund the refurbishment/replacement of the ambulances as they are needed (average 6 year refurbishment/replacement plan).

In addition to the previously described uses of ambulance revenue, the Town of Brewster also utilizes funds from the Ambulance Receipts Account to offset other fire department related expenses. These expenses include: fire department related capital expenses (apparatus, computers, communications equipment, etc…), Barnstable County Regional Communications Center dispatching fees, and certain administrative costs. The use of revenue from ambulance transport billing, to support fire department operations, greatly reduces the tax burden on members of our community.

Please feel free to contact the Brewster Fire Department with any questions regarding this process.