Brewster Fire Responds to Boiler Explosion

At 8:31 p.m. on Tuesday April 2 the Brewster Fire Department was dispatched to a service call for a reported boiler malfunction at 59 Thomegan Road.  Upon arrival at the scene Engine 234 conducted an investigation of the basement area of the home and found the overhead garage door and the lower level of the west side gable end wall of the home pushed outward several feet and debris in the driveway from the force of a past boiler explosion.  Further investigation of the basement found extensive interior destruction throughout the area including damage to a vehicle parked in the adjacent garage caused by large pieces of the furnace, debris, wooden partition walls, and storage being propelled throughout the area.  In addition, the 1st floor directly above the basement boiler room was dislodged and pushed upward. The fuel oil tank was found to be displaced from its normal position and a minor leak was present.

Fire personnel immediately secured the electric to the building, plugged the leak from the tank, and spread speedy dry throughout the area to absorb the spilled fuel. The Brewster Building Department responded to the scene to assess the structural damage to the residence. Based on the damage to the building, the fuel oil spill, and the utilities being shut down a determination to vacate the structure until a more thorough investigation could be conducted was made.

NSTAR was contacted and responded to secure the utilities in the street and the DEP was notified of the fuel oil spill.  Red Cross representatives were present and provided emergency housing for the residents of the home. All Brewster Fire units returned from the scene and were placed back in service at 10:15 p.m.