Brewster Fire Department Receives Equipment Donations

 The Brewster Fire Department recently received two significant donations from members of the community that were utilized to purchase emergency medical, vehicle extrication, and training props for our members.

 The first donation which came from a Town family that wishes to remain anonymous was utilized to complete a program initiated by the department which included the upgrading of our operational capabilities in the area of vehicle extrication and removal of patients involved in motor vehicle crashes. This 12,000 monetary donation was utilized to purchase modern, state-of-the-art equipment manufactured by the Holmatro Company that is specifically designed to allow a single fire company the ability to rapidly initiate vehicle extrication operations prior to the arrival of additional staff or other equipment. Numerous studies have shown the rapid extrication and treatment of patients involved in these types of traumatic events is the single most viable tactic in ensuring the patients life safety.  This new equipment significantly improves the fire department ability to meet this goal.

A second donation in the amount of $50,000 was received from a long time Brewster resident Mrs. Susan Schechter in memory of her husband Michael who was an extremely generous supporter of our organization for many years.  A portion of these funds were used to complete a purchase program initiated by the fire department that involved outfitting our ambulances and medical treatment room with power stretchers designed to reduce the potential for back and lifting injuries on emergency medical personnel.  Additional funds from this generous donation were utilized to purchase a forcible entry training prop that has allowed Brewster firefighters and those in our surrounding communities the ability to practice forcible entry techniques and tool use in a controlled environment utilizing real life scenarios. The ability to practice these skills in a hands-on environment has significantly improved our operational effectiveness in this area.  Our organization would like to thank these Brewster residents for their generosity and support of our organizations continued attempt to deliver exemplary fire and emergency medical services to the community.