Brewster Fire/Rescue Receives Fire Equipment Grant Award

Brewster Fire/Rescue has been awarded $18,461.40 by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and the Department of Fire Services through their FY22 Fire Equipment Grant program. This competitive grant award will furnish the department with supplemental capital to purchase mobile radio communication equipment designed to ensure firefighters are afforded robust and effective communication capabilities at structure fires and other emergency events and will also be used to purchase specialized rescue saws that firefighters use during numerous scenarios including ventilating smoke, heat, and deadly gases from the interior of buildings on fire and cutting and removing debris, construction material, wood, and other fixed objects during emergency life-saving rescue operations of entrapped firefighters or civilians.
The equipment will be utilized at emergency incidents in Brewster and during responses to our regional automatic and mutual aid partner communities. This is Brewster Fire/Rescue’s second grant award through this program which was established by the Commonwealth in FY21.
Brewster Fire/Rescue would like to thank the Governor’s Office, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, and the Department of Fire Services for their past and continued support given to the Town of Brewster and their sustained efforts to improve the working conditions and safety of firefighters across the Commonwealth.