Brewster Firefighters Rescue Long Pond Kayaker

At 9:26 a.m. on Friday June 4, 2021, Brewster firefighters were dispatched to Long Pond for an overturned kayak in the water with one party yelling for help. Upon gathering additional information it became evident a paddleboarder and a kayaker had become distressed after being tossed into the water by a significant increase in the wind. The paddleboarder was able to swim to shore while the kayaker was not. When the paddleboarder got to shore, she contacted workers from a tree company working in the area who attempted to swim out to the kayaker. They were unsuccessful in their attempts.
At the same time Brewster firefighters in the departments Zodiac rescue boat came on scene and the tree workers directed them to the last known location of the kayaker. On arrival at the position the firefighters located and removed the exhausted and hypothermic male from the water. He was then brought to shore and transported to the hospital for evaluation. The paddleboarder who had remained on shore was picked up by Brewster firefighters and the Harwich Harbormaster and transported to the Crowell’s Bog Road launch area where information stating all distressed parties had been removed from the water was confirmed. The paddleboarder was evaluated at the scene by emergency medical personnel and refused transport to the hospital.
Brewster Fire/Rescue would like to thank the Harwich Fire Department and Harbormaster for their rapid response and assistance and the efforts of the Brewster Police Department for securing the scene and assisting in gathering information on the location of the distressed parties which was critical to ensuring a successful rescue.
Photos provided by Craig Chadwick