DRIFTING PADDLE BOARD CAUSES ALARM: Dive team search inconclusive… [HN VIDEO]

BREWSTER – The initial call began around 7:30 a.m. when what appeared to be an empty kayak was spotted floating out in the middle of Seymour Pond. Upon closer inspection, firefighters learned it was actually a paddle board… and when they also found a paddle, that’s when members of the regional dive team responded from surrounding towns.

A command was set up on the shore of Seymour Pond, on Route 124 near the Brewster/Harwich town line.

As you will see in the following HN Video, divers set up and went into the water searching while others searched the shore line and surrounding area.

The entire operation was concluded in about an hour and a half…

… and the investigation into the drifting paddle board and paddle remains inconclusive for the time being.