A Reassuring Message From Brewster Fire/Rescue

To the Brewster community, your Fire and EMS personnel are looking a little different when they show up to emergency medical calls these days. Pictured, here is Firefighter/Paramedic Jared Hogg shown wearing some of the personal protective equipment commonly being worn by our staff members amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Brewster Fire Rescue would like all or our residents to know that we continue to respond to the fire and emergency medical needs of our local and regional communities during the current pandemic event. We continue to work with town departments such as Police, Health, DPW, Emergency Management, Water and County and State assets on a daily basis to ensure we provide the highest level of care to our community while dealing with the COVID-19 virus.

In providing these services, particularly in dealing with medical emergencies, we are following all precautions outlined through the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Public Health to ensure the safety of our patients, as well as our first responders. This abundance of care requires us to utilize all necessary infectious disease precautions including the elevated use of specific personal protective equipment when responding on emergency medical service requests. In addition to the standard gloves we wear, you may also see our members wearing masks, face shields and gowns. Therefore, in an effort to secure the safety and health of our staff and patients during all emergency medical responses, regardless of the reason, we will be placing a mask on all patients. Again, we are continuing this protocol through an abundance of caution for you, our firefighters, and Cape Cod Hospital staff.

Rest assured our staff and our mutual aid partners will be there for you during an emergency. Please continue to practice the social distancing guidelines prescribed, regulations concerning public gatherings, and follow the directions given by the Town of Brewster and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts concerning protecting yourself and your family from the COVID-19 virus. We close by reminding you to also continue to practice home fire safety by checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in proper working order and practicing your home escape plan with each member of your family


Yours in service, the dedicated members of Brewster/Fire Rescue