Brewster Fire/Rescue Hosts Man vs Machine Training Program

On Saturday March 30 Brewster Fire/Rescue hosted an eight hour classroom and practical based training program titled “Man vs Machine”. The program, which was presented by instructors from PL Vulcan Fire Service Training provided firefighters with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to respond to and operate at technical incidents ranging from simple ring removals to complex machinery entrapments, impalements, motor vehicle accidents, and agricultural equipment entanglements.

During the program the staff of highly experienced, nationally recognized instructors guided the firefighters through several challenging hands-on scenarios designed to test their ability to use both hand and power tools to safely extricate, assess, treat, and transport victims from these uncommon yet challenging and complicated incidents. In addition to members of Brewster Fire/Rescue firefighters from the Chatham, Eastham, Harwich, and Orleans Fire Departments also participated in this exceptional training opportunity.

Brewster Fire/Rescue would like to thank PL Vulcan and their exceptional group of instructors (Pat Nichols, Randy Miller, and Paul Larochelle) for presenting an outstanding training program and sharing a day of fire service brotherhood with the attendees!