Brewster Firefighters Conduct Mask Confidence Training

On Wednesday March 20 during the monthly fire training session Brewster firefighters utilized the departments new mask confidence course to practice several fireground survival skills that are utilized by members to escape from a building or room should they become trapped or disoriented during a structure fire. The techniques covered during the session included disentanglement, wall breaching, mayday message, low profiling, use of hand tools, stair travel, ladder escape, and search skills.
In addition to these critical life-saving skills the course also provided firefighters an opportunity to improve their knowledge on the use and limitations of the self-contained breathing apparatus that is required to be worn while operating at a structure fire and at the same time increase their overall personal confidence in using this equipment and being able to remove themselves from a dangerous situation should the need arise.
The department would like to once again thank the residents of our community for providing us with a new state-of-the-art facility that allows us to develop and present these type of essential hands-on training sessions.