Brewster Fire/Rescue Responds to Record Number of Service Requests in 2018

During 2018 the Brewster Fire/Rescue Department responded to a record number of 3,426 “runs” or requests for emergency medical and fire services. This significant increase of 16.3% or 480 responses over the prior year’s total represents the first time in the era of modern record keeping that the department has recorded more than 3,000 annual calls. During the year department members responded to 914 fire based incidents and 2512 emergency medical based requests for service which represent 73.3% of the total annual runs.

Included in the 914 fire based responses were 14 structure fires, 60 motor vehicle collisions, 141 service calls, and 404 smoke and carbon monoxide detector and sprinkler system activations.

1,548 of the medical responses resulted in patient transports to Cape Cod Hospital. Of these transports 1,220 were attributed to Brewster residents and 328 to non-residents. While the age groups of those transported range from 0-65+ the highest number of patients (1,294) fall into the 50+ age category highlighting the recognized chronic aging of our Towns population and leading contributing factor to the consistent rise in requests for fire department services.