WINTER Holiday Fire Safety


• Unplug all lighting before retiring for the evening or leaving the house.

• Purchase lights and electric decorations which are listed by an approved testing agency such as Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

• Check all lighting for frayed wires, broken plugs, sockets, etc.

• Never overload outlets. Use no more than three strands of lights on a single extension cord.

• Never use candles on trees, near live or otherflammable decorations.

• Blow out candles before leaving the room. Don’t leave candles burning unattended.

• Consider buying new energy efficient LED lights thatdon’t get as hot.

• Always use appropriate weatherproof lights outdoors.


  • Never use candles as decorations.
  • Keep trees away from heat.
  • Never use a cut tree in a place of public assembly (apartment or hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc).
  • Water a cut tree daily.
  • Use a “non-tip” style tree stand.
  • Use only fire retardant decorations.• Never leave a lit tree unattended.• Dispose of your tree properly, soon after the holiday, before the needles dry out.

    • Artificial trees should have a fireretardant label.

    • Never hang lights on a metallic tree.