Brewster Fire Responds to Water Rescue and Serious Motor Vehicle Collision

On Sunday June 10 at 5:30 p.m. Brewster Fire/Rescue was dispatched to a reported water rescue in Cape Cod Bay off of Saint’s Landing. Two individuals called 911 to report that they had become stranded in neck deep water while fishing off of the landing and needed assistance returning to shore. On the reported water rescue a full department tone was initiated and Car 231 (Chief Moran), Ambulance 243, Squad 241, and Car 230 with the Zodiac rescue boat responded to the adjacent Mant’s Landing to launch the rescue boat. Members rapidly moved the boat over the beach and reached the two individuals who by this time had removed themselves from danger to a safer area. Upon reaching the two men the rescue boat reported both denied needing any assistance and that they would continue walking to shore on their own.

Upon reaching shore with the rescue boat the fire department was dispatched to a motor vehicle collision with a car into a tree at the intersection of Slough Road and Derby Lane. Ambulance 243 immediately responded to the MVC while the other members moved the boat off the beach and onto the trailer. On arrival the Ambulance reported a single car into a tree with one occupant still inside the vehicle. Chief Moran and Squad 241 arrived on scene and personnel were assigned to safety the vehicle and check for any fluid leaks. The patient was removed and transported to Cape Cod Hospital with non-life threatening injuries and the scene was turned over to the Brewster Police who are conducting an investigation of the incident. All Brewster units were placed back in service at approximately 7:00 p.m.