Barnstable County Opens Regional Shelter for Brewster Residents

The Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Group will open the Cape Tech regional shelter in Harwich (Cape Tech Regional High School) for Brewster residents at 7:00 p.m. Red Cross will be on scene and providing services at that location. Pets in crates or carriers are being accepted. Parking is available to those using their own vehicles. Residents requiring transportation assistance should call the Brewster Police Department at 508-896-7011 or Brewster Fire Department at 508-896-7018 and arrangements will be made. Some additional storm safety tips.


  • Due to the high winds Eversource crews will be delayed in restoring power. This means that both primary and secondary power lines that are down in the street or yard may still be energized. DO NOT MOVE OR TOUCH THESE WIRES!


  • Roads have been barricaded for your protection. Do not move or go around them. They may be blocking an area of a road that remains hazardous.


  • The Fire Department is dispatched by the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center. To report an emergency residents MUSTcall 911. During a storm of this type the fire department will not be available to answer our local phone number. Do not call direct to fire headquarters for an emergency. This may delay our response. Call 911 to request fire or EMS services.