Brewster Fire/Rescue Accepts Delivery of New Fire Apparatus

The Brewster Fire Department recently accepted delivery of a 2018 Ferrara Multi-Vocational Pumper (MVP) on an Igniter chassis. The new apparatus was designed to merge the assets of the department’s 1989 Pierce pumper and 2005 Heavy Rescue into one multi-functional unit capable of responding to and operating at structure fires, motor vehicle collisions, technical rescue incidents, water rescues, EMS incidents, and all other requests for service. The unit will allow the department to significantly improve the level of response efficiency and effectiveness it provides the community and its ability to answer the various types of service requests we experience on an annual basis. As part of the purchase the department will trade-in the 1989 Pierce pumper and 2005 Heavy Rescue allowing for a reduction in the overall cost of the unit and a decrease in the overall number of fire apparatus maintained by the department. Additionally, the vehicle is certified as a Type V EMS response unit which allows the use of ambulance receipts to fund the purchase. Specific details of the new vehicle include:

• Igniter custom five person cab

• NFPA 1901 certified pumper

• 1750 gallon per minute (GPM) pump

• 750 gallons of water

• 30 gallons of Class “A” foam

• 5 pre-connected attack lines

• Front intake

• Liberator 10KW generator

• LED lighting

• XRT hydraulic power system for vehicle extrication tools

• Full complement of Paratech air lifting bags

• Rapid intervention equipment

• Light tower

• 9000 lb. winch