Brewster Fire Department Supports the Pan- Mass Bike Challenge

On Sunday August 6 the Brewster Fire Department proudly supported the bike riders participating in the Pan-Mass Challenge by the awe-inspiring and popular display of the departments oversized American Flag from Ladder 237 during the challenging fund raising bike race. Many of the riders shouted their thanks and approval as they rode past the flag with a number stopping to take photos in front of this stunning American icon.

The PMC Challenge is an athletic event started in 1980 to raise money for cancer research. The race has a number of routes for bikers to ride including the most popular which is a two-day event starting in Wellsley and ending in Provincetown which runs through 46 Massachusetts communities. This year the Owners Project Managers for the Fire Department construction project Rick Pomroy and Taylor MacDonald participated in the race and took the time to stop by for a photo with their team members and fire department personnel (see photos).

The Brewster Fire Department would like to thank all of the riders for the determination and dedication they displayed in completing the challenge and their admirable support of cancer research.