Fire/Rescue Headquarters Construction Update

To ensure all of our residents are kept advised as to the ongoing Fire/Rescue Headquarters construction project the Committee will be sending out periodic updates to the community via the Fire Department and Town websites, Facebook pages, and local media outlets.

Since our last update in March work on the project has focused on completing site excavation, installation of utility services, and foundation preparation including:

  • Installation of all underground duct banks, structures, and conduit pathways for electric and fiber services for the existing cell tower and new fire building
  • Installation of electric and fiber service poles on Main street
  • Installation of the new septic system that will serve the existing COA, current fire department building upon transfer to the Natural Resources Department, and the new fire facility
  • Finalization of furniture, communication, and security system design requirements
  • Transplanting of a memorial tree located on COA property
  • Relocation of natural gas service lines
  • Installation of new water mains and relocation of fire hydrants
  • Completion of foundation site excavation
  • Installation of underground drainage structures
  • Installation of foundation rebar, footings, and initial pouring of concrete

Future work will focus on completing the installation of electric, fiber, and cable service for the cell tower, foundation installation which will include footings, rebar, and internal plumbing and electric work, and the delivery and installation of the prefabricated steel portion of the structure.

The committee continues to monitor the project daily through the Fire Chief, Owners Project Manager (Pomroy Associates), Architect (CDR Maguire), and the General Contractor (Delphi). Project meetings are held every two weeks with the project team and full Fire Station Committee meetings are being held monthly.

In the near future the committee will be sponsoring a beam signing ceremony. During this event residents of the community, the committee, fire department members, and those wishing to have their signature memorialized within the new facility will have the opportunity to sign one of the main steel structural components which will then be set in place.  Stay tuned to the announcement of the date for this exciting community event!