Weekend Fire Fatalities Highlight Need to Check Your Smoke Detectors

Over this past weekend seven residents of Massachusetts were killed in residential fire incidents. Four children and their mother were trapped in their home during a fire in Warwick and two men were killed in a fire in Milton.
The Brewster Fire Department would like to remind our residents that the most effective method of safeguarding your family from a tragic incident of this type is to ensure your smoke detectors are in proper working order. We urge you to follow the simple, yet potentially life-saving guidelines below:
• Smoke detectors should be installed in all bedrooms and in hallways outside of bedrooms
• At least one smoke detector should be installed on each level of your home
• Smoke detectors should be less than ten (10) years old
• Batteries should be changed twice a year (Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries)
• Families should develop and practice a home fire escape plan

National statistics reveal that over 85% of annual fire fatalities occur in private dwellings. Our department urges our residents to take the time to assess the operation and age of your smoke detectors to ensure they are installed in the correct locations and in proper working order.