Fire/Rescue Headquarters Construction Update

To ensure all of our residents are kept advised as to the ongoing Fire/Rescue Headquarters construction project the Committee will be sending out periodic updates to the community via the Fire Department and Town websites, Facebook pages, and local media outlets.

As of Friday March 3 the site contractor (GFM) has demolished the former water department building and natural resources storage facility. Required silt fencing has been installed and approved by the Conservation Officer. All trees have been removed from the property, pavement has been removed from the rear of the existing fire station, and the temporary construction road has been installed (see photos).

Over the next several weeks additional site work including installation of the underground electric and fiber duct banks, installation of new electric poles, construction of the new septic system and leach field, and the trucking of fill into and from the site will take place.

The committee continues to monitor the project daily through the Fire Chief, Owners Project Manager (Pomroy Associates) and the General Contractor (Delphi).