Hazardous Waste Waste Collection

ast year,  over 376k lbs of hazardous waste was collected on Cape Cod through the HHW program. This protects our unconfined, sole-source aquifer; our environment; first responders; and the rest of us.
Enclosed, find for posting on your website and social media: 1.) 2017 BCH HHW brochure, poster, and map; and 2.) VSQG form for small business use.
Feel free to distribute to other departments, private and public schools, environmental and social groups, friends, family, small businesses, neighborhood and condo associations, and such-like.
Small quantities of posters and brochures will be delivered soon to town Health/DPW.
Municipal officials: I have an LED road sign to promote the collections, please let me know if you want to borrow it.
Interested groups: Want some free www.loveyourlocalwater.org stickers for waste and recycling bins? Email me if you want some!
Thank you!

2017 Hazardous Waste Collections for Small Businesses “VSQG” Very Small Quantity Generator