Brewster Firefighters Respond to Structure Fire


On Thursday June 23 at 3:15 a.m. Engine 239 under the command of Captain Anthony Dalmau responded to 280 Underpass Road (Stone Loven Pizza) for a reported activated fire alarm. On arrival firefighters made entry into the structure and found a moderate smoke condition in the basement area. Captain Dalmau immediately requested a full department recall for a structure fire which also brought automatic aid from the Harwich and Orleans Fire Departments to the scene. Chief Moran (Car 231) arrived on scene and assumed command of the incident.


During the investigation a fire involving wooden structural components and first floor flooring was located in a basement ceiling area below a first floor pizza oven. Firefighters immediately removed the insulation in the area of the fire to extinguish the burning wood and check for extension to other areas of the building.  Fortunately, the early notification by the buildings fire detection system and the rapid response of the fire department allowed for a quick extinguishment which limited damage to a small area of the structure.


The Brewster Building Department responded to the scene to assess the damage to the structure. The Brewster Health Department was also notified of the incident. Cause of the fire was traced to the dispersal of high levels of heat from the pizza oven which ignited the wood flooring and structural components below.  All Brewster units were returned to service at 4:55 a.m.