Brewster Fire Department Participates in DUI Crash Re-enactment  

On Tuesday May 24, the Brewster Fire Department participated in Nauset Regional High Schools annual DUI Awareness Day. The program included a real time re-enactment of a head on motor vehicle crash that results in multiple severe traumatic injuries, a fatality, and the DUI arrest of one of the vehicles drivers. Members of the senior class participated as victims and drivers of the vehicles.

National statistics provide evidence that teenage drunk driving accidents spike during prom season. With that said, the annual re-enactment is designed to provide the senior class with a better understanding of the consequences that may occur when driving while distracted by texting or while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs prior to their prom night with the ultimate goal being the delivery of an impactful safety message that will remain with the students during their entire lifetime.

Public Safety agencies participating in the exercise included the Eastham Fire and Police Departments, Orleans Fire Department, Wellfleet Fire and Police Departments, and the Brewster Fire Department. All involved departments wish the graduating senior class a safe summer season and successful future careers!

Video by CWN associate Craig Chadwick