Captain Kevin Varley Completes Massachusetts Chief Fire Officer Training Program

On Monday, January 25, 2016, 32 fire officers including Brewster Fire Captain/Paramedic  Kevin Varley graduated from the 22nd offering of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy’s Chief Fire Officer Management Training Program. The thirteen-week program was developed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association Standards for chief fire officers, and is delivered jointly by the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy.

The curriculum covers a spectrum of topics considered essential for effective public sector management. It includes human resource management, group dynamics, leadership and legal issues, governmental and organization structures, information management, customer-focused strategic planning, legal aspects, budgets and public finance, community awareness and public relations, and labor relations.

We congratulate Captain Varley on completing this course and for his dedicated efforts to increase his ability to serve the residents of Brewster and improve his management skills and capabilities.