Career Firefighter/Paramedic Thomas Osborn Completes Probationary Term


On Thursday December 7 Firefighter/Paramedic Thomas Osborn completed his one year mandatory probationary period and was granted permanent status as a member of the Brewster Fire Department.  The move from probationary to permanent status is an important step in a new employee’s career and a noteworthy component of the many historical traditions of the fire service.  To attain permanent status a probationary employee is constantly evaluated by the Officer staff of the department during their first year of employment to ensure complete competency in EMS and fire protocols and the ability to reliably work in a team oriented environment that is focused on organizational excellence, exceptional customer service, and expert patient care. If the employee meets these expectations he is then awarded permanent status by the Chief of Department and allowed to replace his orange probationary helmet insert with his Group number.  Congratulations Thomas and welcome aboard!