Brewster Fire & Rescue Department Honors Our Supporters


On Tuesday December 8 in front of a number of firefighters from across the region the Brewster Fire Department named Mr. Ralph Ingegneri and Mr. Robert Miller Honorary Fire Chiefs. Each of these very active civic minded residents of our community has provided many years of dedicated and consistent support to our organization and the health and safety or our personnel.


Mr. Robert Miller has been a member of the Towns Building and Needs Committee for approximately 16 years working on several major construction and renovation projects that culminated in his chairing the committee during the most recent proposal to construct a new modern Fire Headquarters for the community. He also currently serves as chair of the Towns Capital Budget Committee.


Mr. Ralph Ingegneri also served as a member of the Building and Needs Committee during the Fire Headquarters project. He and his wife Rose have been outspoken supporters of the fire department over the past five years and have dedicated many hours of their personal time to see that our personnel are provided a safe and healthy work environment. They also spend countless hours overseeing the Towns annual 9/11 memorial ceremony and providing upkeep to the memorial outside of our current headquarters. Ralph is also a Life Member and Former Chief of the Mount Kisco NY Fire Department that consisted of over 200 active members.


Being named an Honorary Chief in the fire service should not be taken lightly. It is perhaps the highest honor that an organization can bestow on non-members and is offered only to those individuals who have earned the respect of department members through dedicated, consistent, and enduring friendship and support of an organization.


Our members would like to once again thank Ralph, Bob, and Rose for their consistent support, especially for their recent assistance in obtaining approval from the community for the construction of a new fire headquarters. Through these and other efforts they have all earned our respect and are now considered part of our family here in the Brewster Fire & Rescue Department.