Brewster Firefighters Attend Leadership Training Program

On Friday April 17 the Barnstable County Fire Chiefs Association hosted a one-day leadership seminar titled “Caught in the Middle: Leadership Challenges for Company Officers and Firefighters” at the Captains Golf Course in Brewster. The instructor for this dynamic training program was retired Providence Fire Department Deputy Chief and Attorney Curt Varone, who is a nationally recognized speaker known for his presentations concerning fire service culture, moral and ethical decision making, social media, and digital imagery, and disciplinary issues.
Deputy Chief Varone spoke on a number of legal, moral, and ethical challenges faced by fire service personnel on a daily basis. He also discussed several issues concerning the use of social media, First Amendment rights, department Rules & Regulations and how violations of these standards can derail and quite possibly end an otherwise stellar career.

This is the second annual leadership training event sponsored by the Chiefs Association whose mission is to bring dynamic, innovative, and high-quality management and leadership training to Barnstable County firefighters.

The Chief Association would like to thank all of the firefighters in attendance for their dedicated efforts to improve their Leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Brewster personnel in attendance included Captains Anthony Dalmau, Christopher Flavell, Jeff Sturtevant, Kevin Varley, Peter Rubel, and firefighters Chad Foakes and Matthew Tucker.