Brewster Firefighters Conduct Forcible Entry Training

Brewster career firefighters are responsible to spend at least two hours of their 24 hour shift conducting fire and/or ems based training.  The pictures below show members of Group 4 conducting daily training on forcible entry techniques using our door prop that was donated to the department by a local family.


These daily sessions are guided by the departments adopted career firefighter training program which was designed to ensure each firefighter maintains proficient skill sets in the delivery of fire and EMS services.


The training schedule is divided into monthly components that include diverse subject matter specific to the job of a firefighter/paramedic/EMT. These topics are guided by annual fire and EMS training requirements set by the State of Massachusetts, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Insurance Service Office (ISO).  In addition, during each three month period each shift is expected to conduct some type of training with our surrounding mutual aid fire departments. Here is an example of the schedule.



Haz Mat/Weapons of Mass Destruction refresher

Decon trailer refresher

Haz Mat response (Brewster Fire Department/Barnstable County  SOG’s)

Annual SCBA refresher/SCBA refill station refresher

Mask confidence course

Building construction review and discussion

Ice rescue operations

Review Brewster Fire Department SOG’s





Cardiac/12 Lead

Respiratory Emergencies

Trauma Emergencies


Infection Control


Due to weather restrictions and daily emergency incident responses the Group Captains have the ability to revise the training schedule to fit the needs of their individual groups.


In addition to the daily training by career members the department also conducts two evening fire training sessions and one evening EMS based session that allows our Call department members the opportunity to maintain their proficiency and certifications while training with our career staff. This monthly training schedule also includes separate mandatory topics that that are guided by State and National standards. Here is an example.


Month            Year               Subject

September    2014               Advancing Attack Lines/Foam

October          2014               Vehicle Extrication/Stab/Air Bags

November     2014               Forcible Entry

December     2014               Ice Rescue

January         2015               SCBA Refresher

February        2015               Ropes/Knots/Rope Guided Search


Your Brewster firefighters and emergency medical personnel remain dedicated to conducting the training required to ensure we maintain the proficiencies that allow us to deliver outstanding, professional services to our residents.