Brewster Firefighters Train on Ice Rescue Operations

The real life training conducted by Brewster firefighters on a daily basis is an important component of being able to safely and effectively respond to and mitigate the various all hazard emergencies that occur within our community. On any given day your Brewster firefighters can respond to a variety of incidents ranging from hazardous material spills, structure fires, emergency medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, and ice rescues to name a few. We fully understand that it is our duty for us to be properly trained and prepared for the next time you call 911with an emergency.

With the winter season coming to a close over the next several weeks and our frozen ponds beginning to thaw the potential for ice rescue responses will increase dramatically. In an effort to proactively prepare for a response of this type the members of Group 4 recently conducted a hands-on ice rescue refresher program on the department’s ice rescue equipment, standard operating guidelines, and victim rescue techniques at Fisherman’s Landing on Sheep’s Pond. Group members pictured here at the drill site are Captain/Paramedic Kevin Varley, Firefighter/Paramedic Joseph Cox, Firefighter/Paramedic Thomas Osborn, and Firefighter/EMT Gary Stobbart.

The Brewster Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to issue a safety warning to our residents concerning the use of our ponds over the next several weeks. While the ice may support your weight and that of any equipment at this time the spring thawing process will result in dangerously thin ice conditions and increase the potential for an individual or pet to be thrown into the water. If enjoying outside activities in the area of a body of water please keep this in mind.