Emergency Management Storm Information

A powerful winter storm will affect the area beginning tomorrow afternoon. It is forecast to bring intense hurricane force winds, 8” to 14” of snow, and white out conditions which may lead to power outages and downed trees throughout our community. The main portion of the storm is scheduled for Saturday night into early Sunday afternoon.


The Local Emergency Planning Committee would like to share the following information:


  • Residents are urged to properly prepare for this event.
  • Flashlights, spare batteries, medications, food, and a radio should be available.
  • As of 4:00 pm Friday the Regional Emergency Planning Committee has determined the opening of regional shelters is not required. However, if a high numbers of residents in the region are affected by power outages shelters may open Sunday at 12:00 noon. Residents requiring transportation to the shelter can call Brewster Police at 508-896-7011.
  • Residents are urged to remain indoors and stay off roadways during the storm.
  • DO NOT use any generator indoors. This will create elevated levels of carbon monoxide and will compromise your safety.
  • DO NOT use kerosene heaters indoors.
  • DO NOT place any heater closer than 36” to any combustible material.
  • Stay tuned to local news stations, Channel 18, and the Town and Fire Department websites for further information.
  • The Fire Department is requesting your assistance in keeping fire hydrants in the area of your home clear of snow. This will save valuable minutes in the event a fire should occur.