Orleans Firefighters Train in Brewster

During the months of November and December, Orleans Firefighters participated in Mayday and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Confidence Course training. The 3 hour sessions were led by Orleans Fire Training Coordinator Joseph Lang and Brewster Fire Chief Robert Moran.

The objective of the program was to build a greater understanding and competency of safe firefighting practices and firefighter safety and survival skills in order to reduce the level of risk placed on Orleans firefighters at structure fires and decrease the potential occurrence of firefighter deaths and injuries at emergency incidents.

Mayday training is designed to provide firefighters with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to transmit an emergency message via portable radio should they become trapped, disoriented, or injured while conducting interior fire suppression operations. During the classroom portion of the program instructors utilized real world scenarios to educate the firefighters on a variety of specific safety and survival skills including the components of the mayday message, recognizing the need to issue the message, and the procedures currently used throughout Barnstable County to transmit and manage a mayday message.

The second portion of the program included a physically demanding and intense hands-on component conducted at the Brewster Fire Department’s SCBA confidence course, in which firefighters, in full protective equipment, practiced the learned survival skills related to firefighter disorientation, building collapse, entrapment by wires and debris, wall breaching, search and rescue techniques, issuing the mayday message, and operating in confined spaces. Orleans Deputy Fire Chief Geof Deering stated “This was a tremendous opportunity to train with our mutual aid partners to increase the safety and well-being of our crews, and ultimately deliver better trained and prepared service to our community.”


Orleans Firefighter/Paramedic Brandon Henderson works through an entanglement prop, simulating wires and other building materials that can trap a firefighter.




Picture 2

Orleans Captain Tim Gula (left) works with Brewster Fire Chief Robert Moran on a wall breach prop where a firefighter opens a wall after being trapped in a room.