September is Massachusetts Emergency Preparedness Month

September has been designated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as “Emergency Preparedness Month”. The Brewster Fire Department is asking our residents to take several simple steps to better prepare for emergencies at home, work, and school. This year four critical concepts titled “Be Informed”, “Develop a Plan”, “Build a Kit”, and “Get Involved” are being highlighted as the foundation from which families can develop safety plans to proactively improve their daily life safety while protecting themselves and their property against possible damage from severe storms and other natural disasters. Based on last years severe winter weather local, State, and national Emergency Management officials and other weather experts suggest families should be equipped to be self-reliant for a post storm time frame of at least 72 hours.

In order to ensure our residents practice general life safety on a daily basis and are prepared to protect their homes during the upcoming winter season the Brewster Fire Department encourages the community to visit the following websites to review critical safety information that will assist you in preparing your family’s safety plan.

Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed!