Brewster Building and Needs Assessment Committee Requesting Comments on Proposed Fire Station Construction Project

On August 4, 2014 the Board of Selectmen voted to authorize the Building and Needs Assessment Committee (B&NAC) the opportunity to resume work on the proposed construction of a new fire headquarters facility. The committee recognizes that voters rejected our initial plan to demolish the existing facility and construct a new fire headquarters at the 2014 Annual Town Election. The B&NAC is determined to work with the Selectmen, contracted professionals, fire department, and community stakeholders to further engage and take note of our residents concerns and questions as we develop a revised construction and project proposal for submission and approval at a future Town meeting.


To complete the committee’s goal of continued open and transparent discussion regarding this vital project and give residents the opportunity to become more engaged we have set up an email address at as a conduit through which comments, inquiries, or suggestions can be sent to the B&NAC. In addition, if you wish to be included on an email list to be kept informed on the progress of the fire headquarters project please provide the required email information to the address above.


The Building and Needs Assessment looks forward to receiving your comments and integrating them into our discussions concerning the development of a revised fire headquarters facility plan that would be embraced and supported by the community.


Yours in Service,


Members of the Building and Needs Assessment Committee