Tyler Johnson Completes Senior Internship

Brewster resident and Nauset High School senior Tyler Johnson recently completed his senior internship with the Brewster Fire Department. This 9 month internship program sponsored through the regional high school allowed Tyler to get an in depth look at the daily operations of the Brewster Fire Department through his interaction with department employees, supporting the fire prevention bureau, responding to fire and EMS calls as an observer, assisting with daily house work, and interacting with our residents.  During his time at the fire department Tyler and Brewster FF/EMT Michael Herrmann created a software program that allowed us to move our daily ambulance and apparatus check sheets into our mobile computers which significantly improved our efficiency and ability to document these daily reports.  In addition, Tyler also spent several months an Emergency Medical Technician course where he received national certification as an EMT.

Moving forward, Tyler will take his passion for emergency medicine to another level in the next few months.  He has enlisted in the Army as a Health Care Specialist or Army Medic and will be leaving for Boot Camp at Fort Sill Oklahoma in early September.  His ultimate goal is to attend the Army’s Interservice Physicians Assistant Program (IPAP) where upon graduation he will be a certified physicians assistant and Army officer.

Tyler lives in Brewster with his parents Eric and Tina. He has three brothers one who is currently serving as a nuclear engineer in the Navy, one who is an MMA graduate and tugboat Captain, and one who aspires to be a police officer.  Members of the Brewster Fire Department are extremely proud of Tyler’s accomplishments and the opportunity to have mentored him over the past several months.  We wish him the best of luck in all of this future endeavors!