Brewster Fire Department Receives Wildfire Training Grant

On Monday September 16, 2013 the Brewster Fire Department was awarded a 2014 Barnstable County Wildfire Grant through a competitive application process administered through the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. The Brewster grant award in the amount of $4,100.00 will fund the salary costs for 12-15 department members to attend and an 8 hour basic wildfire training course to be instructed through the State Department of Conservation and Recreations regional Fire Warden Josh Nigro and his staff.


The Brewster Fire Department is responsible to provide wildfire suppression resources to over 2,500 acres of property within the Town including approximately 1000 acres in Nickerson State Park, 1000 acres in the Punkhorn Conservation Area, and a number of other large conservation zones located within the community. This grant award will present our staff with an exceptional program designed to educate and train our firefighters in modern wildfire strategies and tactics in both classroom and hands-on training environments.


The Brewster Fire Department would like to thank the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension for this grant award and for their sustained support of wildfire training, wildfire prevention, and community wildfire plan development efforts throughout Barnstable County.