Barnstable County Technical Rescue Team Conducts Monthly Training

On Tuesday September 10 members of the Barnstable County Technical Rescue Team conducted their monthly training at the Barnstable County Fire Academy.  During the 3 hour training session members performed a number of hands-on confined space and rope rescue scenarios designed to test the technical and operational skill of each individual team member and the ability of these members to operate as a coordinated and cohesive group at emergency incidents of these types.

The team, which consists of 43 members from 9 Cape Fire Departments trains on a monthly basis at various locations throughout Barnstable County to ensure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the members and their response proficiencies, are maintained at peak levels of operational readiness.

Team members from the Brewster Fire Department include Chief Moran, Deputy Chief Harrison, Captain Anthony Dalmau, FF Kirk Riker, and FF Daniel Kimball