Brewster Firefighters Perform Life Saving Actions

On Sunday September 1 at 12:02 p.m. Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Gerlach, FF/Paramedic Chris Flavell, and FF/EMT Jeffery Parker responded to 35 Arbor Lane on a reported unresponsive male. While enroute to the location additional information was relayed informing these personnel that CPR was in progress. On this report the response was re-toned as a full department call for a possible code.


On arrival the crew found a 77 year old male pulse-less and in respiratory arrest. CPR was immediately initiated, intravenous medications established, and a number defibrillations or “shocks” were applied. Once loaded in the ambulance personnel continued their efforts to revive the patient and during transport were able to re-establish a life sustaining rhythm and pulse.


Primary caregivers Firefighter/Paramedic Gerlach, FF/Paramedic Flavell, FF/EMT Parker and transport crew members FF/EMT Arthur Romme FF/EMT Gary Stobbart, and EMT Diane Romme should be commended for providing outstanding and proficient pre-hospital life-saving medical services resulting in the successful recovery of the patient.