Brewster Firefighters Perform Life Saving Actions

On Saturday August 10th at 11:04 a.m. Captain/Paramedic Jeffery Sturtevant, FF/EMT Daniel Kimball, and FF/EMT Jeffery Parker responded to 55 The Tides on a reported individual suffering from chest pains. On arrival the crew found a 55 year old male with tightness and pain in the chest indicating the presence of a cardiac related issue. After a thorough and rapid assessment the patient was loaded into the ambulance and transported to Cape Cod Hospital. During the transport the patient’s condition began to deteriorate leading to sudden cardiac arrest.

Captain Sturtevant and FF Parker who were the primary caregivers immediately initiated CPR, introduced intravenous cardiac medications, and external defibrillations in an attempt revive the patient. Through these talented, skilled, and professional life saving actions the firefighters were able to resuscitate the patient who, upon arrival at the hospital was conscious and breathing.

Captain/Paramedic Sturtevant, FF/EMT Parker, and FF/EMT Kimball should be commended for providing outstanding and proficient pre-hospital life saving medical services resulting in the successful recovery of the patient. Congratulations for a job well done!