Brewster Fire Department Responds to Hazardous Material Incident


On Tuesday July 23, at 10:09 a.m. the Brewster Fire Department responded to 120 Mount Pleasant Road on a reported hazardous material incident with injuries.  On arrival fire personnel investigated the area and found two employees of a painting company suffering from respiratory distress, burning eyes, and possible internal chemical burns.  While treatment and transportation of these patients Cape Cod Hospital was being completed further investigation found that the workers had mixed muriatic acid and chlorine to create a cleaning solution to utilize during their assigned work.  As the employees began the operation in a confined area with limited ventilation the mixture of the two chemicals produced hazardous fumes causing their injuries.


Based on the involved chemicals and the injuries the Brewster Incident Commander requested a Tier I Hazardous Material response which brought members of the District 1 State Hazardous Material Team, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Brewster Health Department to the scene.  On arrival the certified haz mat responders conducted tests of the remaining product and area and developed an action plan designed to mitigate the spill and prevent any environmental damage.  During the execution of the plan fire department personnel remained on scene assisting the haz mat team with ventilation of the residence and other support activities.  All Brewster units were placed back in service at 1:18 p.m.