Brewster Fire Responds to Structure Fire at Captain’s Golf Course

On Wednesday May 22 at 10:57 a.m. the Brewster Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire in the Clubhouse at the Captain’s Golf Course. Upon arrival Car 249 (Fire Prevention Captain Peter Rubel) reported light smoke showing from a 1 ½ story wood frame building containing the clubhouse and restaurant facilities.  Car 231 (Chief Moran) and Car 232 (Deputy Chief Harrison) arrived on scene shortly after.  Chief Moran assumed command of the incident and Deputy Harrison was assigned as the Operations Section Chief. Brewster Engine 234 arrived on scene and immediately stretched a 1 ¾ attack line to the area of origin.  Brewster Ladder 237 reported on scene and was directed to set up on Side “A” or the front side of the structure in the event the aerial ladder would be required.  A quick size-up of the incident revealed golf course personnel had extinguished the main body of fire on the exterior of the building just prior to the arrival of the fire department.  A more localized investigation revealed minor extension of the fire into the eaves was present.  Firefighters quickly opened up this area, removed charred siding and a section of the eaves, wet the area down, and utilized the thermal imaging camera to ensure full extinguishment.  An origin and cause examination of the scene and witness interviews provided confirmation that the fire originated in a plastic waste bucket used to discard smoking materials which was placed directly against the wood siding of the building. Tower 176 from the Orleans Fire Department and Engine 68 from the Harwich Fire Department responded on the mutual aid line box assignment on the report of the structure fire.  On their arrival these units were placed in staging and eventually released from the scene.  All Brewster units were released from the scene and command terminated the incident at 11:37 a.m.