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Department Overview

The Brewster Fire & Rescue Department is a municipal service providing fire protection, emergency medical care, fire prevention and education, technical rescue, hazardous material, and other emergency services for the town. Brewster is located on Cape Cod, approximately 85 miles southeast of Boston.

The department’s one headquarters station located at 1671 Main Street has firefighter/ paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) on duty 24 hours a day. Staffing varies between three and six career firefighter/paramedic/EMTs per work shift. These personnel are supported by our call staff to provide the community with a coordinated and effective emergency response plan.

The department utilizes nine assorted pieces of apparatus and several specialty vehicles to accomplish its mission of protecting a year round population of 9820 that swells to 25,000 during the summer months. We have a split ISO rating of Class 3/10. Our personnel roster includes 19 career firefighters including the Chief and Deputy Chief and 13 on-call firefighter/EMT’s.

Robert Moran Chief of Department/EMT Full-Time
Kevin Varley Deputy Chief/Paramedic Full-Time
Anthony Dalmau Captain/Paramedic Full-Time
Christopher Flavell Captain/Paramedic Full-Time
Peter Rubel Captain/EMT Full-Time
Jeffrey Sturtevant Captain/Inspector/Paramedic Full-Time
Daniel Kimball Captain/EMT Full-Time
Kirk Riker FF/EMT Full-Time
Kirk Rounseville FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Chad Foakes FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Joseph Cox FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Matthew Tucker FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Michael Gerlach FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Michael Herrmann FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Jared Hogg FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Carrie McEnaney FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Colleen Phelan FF/Paramedic Full-Time
Michael Sprague FF/EMT Full-Time
Cynthia Coulter LT/EMT Call
Jeff Parker FF/EMT Call
William Romme FF/EMT Call
Amanda Rounseville FF/EMT Call
Scott Romer FF/EMT Call
Jordan Shaw FF/EMT Call
Dean Smith FF/EMT Call
Richard Bunker FF/EMT Call
Louis Carlo FF/EMT Call
Ben Nickerson FF/EMT Call
Mark Pirruccio FF/EMT Call
Megan Przygocki FF/EMT Call
Alex Tuckerman FF/EMT Call





Overview of Fire Department Daily Operations

    All members of the Brewster Fire Department have diverse emergency medical and fire suppression related responsibilities and duties that vary not only day-to-day, but sometimes minute-by-minute. This group of dedicated employees consists of a career staff divided as follows; 4 Shift/Group Captains, 8 shift firefighters, 1 Fire Prevention Captain, and 3 daytime firefighters. …