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Report of the Emergency Management Director


In 2016 as in past years the Office of Emergency Management received an EMPG Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which was utilized to fund our fourth annual Table Top training exercise that tested the Towns response to a potential mass shooting event at a municipal facility. This dynamic, hands-on training exercise was developed by Brewster police and fire officials in conjunction with staff members of the Horsley-Witten Emergency Management Planning Group.


During the program attending LEPC members worked in partnership with other emergency response personnel from surrounding communities and the Regional Emergency Planning Committee to develop and implement a response and recovery plan capable of mitigating a hypothetical shooting event. The session included the intentional injection of a variety of real time emergency scenarios in rapid succession that were designed to test the emergency decision making, response, and planning capabilities of the attendees. These professionally moderated programs that have become the focal point of our annual training efforts have allowed us to improve our internal and external working relationships and response capabilities.


Throughout the year and prior to any severe weather, potential winter storm, or large community event group meetings were held between Department heads and key Town employees who are trained to work and respond to emergencies and operate at large scale events within a common Incident Management System. In these sessions response and recovery plans that included individual department staffing and resource needs, weather reports, crowd control issues, road closures, sheltering plans, and other necessary response and mitigation needs were discussed and written response and recovery plans developed. Proactive planning meetings held during 2016 included sessions for the Brew Run, Brewster in Bloom Parade, and several severe weather (wind/rain/snow) warnings and storm events.


Emergency management personnel also continued to work cooperatively and attend monthly meetings with the Cape Cod Regional Planning Committee, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Barnstable County Incident Management Team, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee to maintain a continuous level of community response readiness and knowledge of regional emergency response and sheltering plans.


Coordinating the response to emergency events within our community is a dynamic and rapidly moving process. With this said, Brewster residents should be aware that while it is the dedicated work of all Town agencies and employees to provide you safety on a daily basis it is those personnel serving in field positions that are assigned to respond to your calls for assistance and render immediate aid and assistance that make up the foundation of our emergency management endeavors.



Local Emergency Planning Committee Members


Michael Embury                     Richard Koch                Robert Moran

Paul Anderson                        Nancy Ice                      Patrick Ellis

Denise Rego                          Irene Larivee                  Joseph Cox

Chris Miller                            Kathy Cockcroft            Tom Thatcher

Sherrie McCullough                Victor Staley                 Lisa Vitale

Donna Kalinick                      Sue Broderick                Peter Rubel

Heath Eldredge                       Kathy Lambert              James Jones