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2016 Annual Report

Annual Report of the

Fire & Rescue Department



The Honorable Board of Selectmen and the residents of the Town of Brewster,


The members of our department would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, Town Staff members, and the residents of our community for the support provided to our department throughout 2016.


While our organization accomplished many operational, training, and administrative related goals during the year a significant amount of effort concentrated on collaboratively working with the Selectmen to strengthen our organization through the establishment of a full-time Deputy Fire Chief position. In addition, we are extremely happy to report that our consistent and proactive pledge to our residents to search out and secure highly competitive Federal grant funding to offset equipment and staffing expenses resulted in the award of a $352,000.00 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) to fund the purchase of state-of-the-art portable and mobile radios and a $288,000.00 Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant award to fund the hiring of two firefighter/paramedic positions for a two-year period.


During 2016 department leaders worked tirelessly with the Fire Station Building Committee, owner’s project manager, and architect to complete the design of the new fire station and secure a contractor to construct the facility. In November, Delphi Construction was chosen from a pool of several pre-qualified general contractors with a favorable bid that was less than the anticipated project construction cost. As of this report the anticipated facility completion date is May of 2018.


Our principal task of providing life safety services to the residents and visitors to our community is an extremely dynamic and ever-changing position. Annual adjustments to EMS protocols, community and mutual aid response needs, technology, equipment, fire inspection services, and fire suppression techniques require us to be more aware, better trained, and more adept at planning for and responding to these challenging and escalating demands.


To ensure we meet these mandates our personnel will continue to focus on building respect from the community for our organization and the services we provide through continued efficient and effective response to service requests and strict adherence to our four core values of; Prepared For Duty, Serving With Integrity, Responding With Compassion, and Committed To Professional Excellence.

Our experienced staff of skilled personnel have unfailingly proven to be the core providers of life safety services in our community for many years and we look forward to continuing to honor our mission of protecting our residents through the effective and efficient delivery of professional EMS and fire services.


Between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 the Brewster Fire & Rescue Department responded to a total of 2940 requests for assistance. Of this total 728 were fire related incidents and 2212 were EMS rescue related responses. Total property and content loss from the reported fire incidents is estimated at $538,000. A general breakdown of fire related incidents is as follows:


EMS Incident                                                                              2,212


Fire (Building, Brush, Vehicle, Chimney, Mutual Aid)                    66


Hazardous Condition (Electrical, Gas leak, Power line down)         60


Rescue (Motor vehicle collision, water rescue, missing person)        93


Service Call (Public assist, Police assist, Water leak)                     85


Good Intent Call (Controlled burning, Smoke scare)                      83


Detector Activation (Smoke/CO activation, Alarm malfunction)   295


Severe Weather (Lightning strike, Wind storm)                             33


Special Incident  (Walk in report of fire, Citizen Complaint)          13


Fire Prevention & Inspection


The Fire Prevention Bureau conducted a number of fire safety education programs during the year paying particular attention to ensure we reached each of our community’s schools by educating over 500 public and private school students, visiting our nursing and assisted living facilities and connecting with our senior housing facility residents.


In addition, we hosted two Open House events attracting over 600 visitors to our facility which enabled us to showcase our equipment and provide further fire and life safety education to our residents and visitors to the community. We also participated in several community sponsored events that provided us with additional opportunities to interact with and educate the public on fire prevention topics and the services we offer.

In 2016 the workload and responsibilities of the inspection services component of the Fire Prevention Bureau continued to escalate in direct correlation with an increase in new construction, increased home sales, and new fire code regulations. Annual mandatory fire inspections, home resale inspections, new construction, plan reviews, oil tank installation inspections, quarterly inspections of all nursing and assisted living facilities, and required follow up re-inspections all placed a significant burden on the daily work assigned to the position.


The office generated approximately $27,000.00 in permit, inspection, burn, and miscellaneous fees. The following breakdown identifies the various inspections completed and permits processed by the fire prevention bureau during the year.


Oil Burner Permits/Inspections                                                     47

Annual Inspections/Re-inspections                                               117

School Fire Alarm Visits                                                               16

Residential Home Inspections                                                       16

Lock Box Installs                                                                          52

Smoke Detector Permits/Inspections                                             314

Open Burning Permits Issued                                                        503

Meetings/Plan Reviews                                                                 104


Report of the Oil Spill Coordinator


Between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016, the Brewster Fire & Rescue Department responded to 89 hazardous material incidents in the Town of Brewster. These responses included motor vehicle accidents, natural gas leaks, leaking vehicle tanks, chemical spills, refrigerant leaks, and oil leaks.


Report of the EMS Division


Between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 the Brewster Fire & Rescue Department responded to 2212 requests for EMS assistance. A general breakdown of EMS incidents is:


Request for EMS services                                                              1589


Rescue, other incident                                                                  342


Medical assist, assist EMS crew                                                    58


Motor vehicle accident w/injuries                                                  53


Transport to Cape Cod Hospital                                                    1452

Brewster Fire & Rescue Department

Personnel Roster

Career                                                              Call

Robert Moran       Fire Chief/EMT             Cindy Coulter       Lt. /EMT

Kevin Varley         Deputy Chief/Medic       Diane Romme      Lt. /EMT

Anthony Dalmau  Captain/Paramedic        Arthur Romme     FF/EMT

Jeff Sturtevant     Captain/Paramedic        Kevin Moran        FF/EMT

Chris Flavell        Captain/Paramedic        Jeff Parker            FF/EMT

Daniel Kimball     Captain/EMT                Cheryl Esty          FF/EMT

Peter Rubel          Captain/EMT                William Romme    FF/EMT

Kirk Riker            FF/EMT                        A. Rounseville      FF/EMT

Kirk Rounseville   FF/Paramedic               William Kraul      FF/EMT

Chad Foakes        FF/Paramedic               Gary Stobbart      FF/EMT

Joseph Cox          FF/Paramedic               Scott Romer         FF/EMT

Matthew Tucker    FF/Paramedic               Bill Schneeweiss   FF/EMT

Michael Gerlach   FF/Paramedic               Anthony Muniz    FF/EMT

Michael HerrmannFF/Paramedic               Bretten Johnson  FF/EMT

Jared Hogg           FF/Paramedic               Carrie McEnaney  FF/EMT

Robert Hooper      FF/Paramedic               Richard Bunker    FF/EMT

Paul Brazil           FF/EMT                        Dan SanGiovanni FF/EMT

Tim Druckenbrod  FF/EMT                        Dean Smith         FF/EMT


Amy Handel         Administrative Assistant



In closing, our personnel would like to extend our appreciation to the Brewster Police Department, Department of Public Works, and all other Town departments for the invaluable daily assistance, cooperation, and support received by our organization throughout the year.


Respectfully submitted,


Chief of Department

Robert Moran