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Chief’s Message

“A Message from Fire Chief Robert Moran”

Welcome to the Brewster Fire & Rescue Department web site.  Please take the opportunity to scan through our various pages to learn more about what we do and the many other features and faces of our organization. 

The Brewster Fire & Rescue Department is a full-service combination fire department that services 10,000 year round residents in a seaside community measuring approximately 24 square miles. With our various local amenities such as Nickerson State Park, Cape Cod Bay, Cape Cod Rail Trail bicycle path, and numerous freshwater ponds this population increases to over 35,000 individuals during the summer months. 

To protect this populace our department employs 14 full-time and 35 call personnel who offer services ranging from Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Fire Safety Education, and Technical Rescue response. These men and women are highly trained, extremely motivated, and loyally focused on their core mission of serving the community.  In my estimation they are the finest fire and rescue service professionals in the state.

Here in the Brewster Fire Department we take great pride in the many items that make us a leading community based service organization. Items such as;


  • An outstanding commitment to quality customer service;
  • Our belief that we are an important part of our community;
  • Our commitment to providing high quality training to our personnel;
  • A consistent focus on meeting the community’s emergency response needs in a successful, cost efficient manner;
  • Our dedication to our overall objective of improving the quality of life and safety of the residents and visitors to the Town of Brewster 

Our department has a long standing history of providing quality service and programs to the community. We stand committed to expanding on this tradition in our future endeavors through collaborative community interaction and the enhanced delivery of customer care services. 

 In closing, we remain positioned to respond to your needs with professionalism, compassion, integrity, and respect.



Chief of Department

Robert Moran






About the Chief

Fire Chief Moran assumed the position of Fire Chief of the Brewster Fire & Rescue Department on October 4, 2010.  Prior to starting his employment in Brewster Chief Moran retired after a twenty six year career in the City of Englewood (NJ) Fire Department where he served as Chief of Department from 1998 to 2011. …

Report of the Emergency Management Director

  In 2016 as in past years the Office of Emergency Management received an EMPG Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which was utilized to fund our fourth annual Table Top training exercise that tested the Towns response to a potential mass shooting event at a municipal facility. This dynamic, hands-on training exercise was developed …

Strategic Plan

Summary of Daily Fire Department Operations

All members of the Brewster Fire Department have diverse emergency medical and fire suppression related responsibilities and duties that vary not only day-to-day, but sometimes minute-by-minute. This group of dedicated employees consists of a career staff divided as follows; 4 Shift/Group Captains, 8 shift firefighters, 1 Fire Prevention Captain, and 4 daytime firefighters. In addition, …

Ambulance Revenue Account

  The Town of Brewster has established an ambulance revenue account that is dedicated to supporting a portion of the annual funding required for the daily operation, wages, and capital projects required by the fire department. The revenue within this account is generated from fees collected through the emergency medical and transport services provided by …

Massachusetts Storm Preparation