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The Brewster Fire & Rescue Department proudly serves the residents of the Town of Brewster which is located on the bay side of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Brewster is known as the “Sea Captain’s Town” and was incorporated in 1803.

At one time there were 99 sea captains living in Brewster and a number of their homes can still be seen along Main Street today.

Today, Brewster is primarily a bedroom-type community and home to 11,000 year-round residents with a seasonal population swelling to nearly 35,000 in the summer. The department protects 23 square miles, including popular recreational areas such as Nickerson State Park, several miles of beach along Cape Cod Bay and Long Pond, the Cape’s largest lake.

The department operates out of the headquarters station located on historic Route 6A and provides a full range of emergency and non-emergency services through a combination of career and paid on-call personnel.

2015 9/11 Memorial

    “May We Never Forget”   On Friday September 11, 2015 the Brewster Fire Department hosted a 9/11 remembrance ceremony at Fire Headquarters.   The well attended memorial service honored all first responders and civilian victims who perished in the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York City, Washington D.C, …

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9/11 Memorial Ceremony

On Sunday September 11, 2011 the Brewster Fire Department hosted a memorial service to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country that occurred on September 11, 2001 and to dedicate a public memorial that honors the emergency service personnel and other courageous individuals who lost their lives during these tragic events. …

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9/11 Memorial Dedication

Ten years ago Brewster Fire Chief Robert Moran was chief of the Englewood New Jersey Fire Department, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, minutes from the George Washington Bridge. One hour after the first tower of the World Trade Center collapsed Sept. 11, 2001, Moran was called to the scene and once he crossed …

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Commendation Ceremony

Captains Golf Course FF/P Kirk Rounseville, FF/EMT Kirk Riker, FF/EMT Peter Rubel On June 3, 2011 at 11:38 am the Fire Department was dispatched to the Captains Golf Course for a report of an individual with chest pain.  Upon arrival FF/Paramedic Kirk Rounseville, FF/EMT Kirk Riker, and FF/EMT Peter Rubel initiated primary assessment of the …

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Chief’s Message

“A Message from Fire Chief Robert Moran” Welcome to the Brewster Fire & Rescue Department web site.  Please take the opportunity to scan through our various pages to learn more about what we do and the many other features and faces of our organization.  The Brewster Fire & Rescue Department is a full-service combination fire …

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Brewster Fire Department to preserve life and property; promote public safety; and foster community support services in a professional manner. Core Values The members of the Brewster Fire Department are: Prepared for Duty Serving With Integrity Responding With Compassion Committed to Professional Excellence These statements of core values mean …

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Department Overview

The Brewster Fire & Rescue Department is a municipal service providing fire protection, emergency medical care, fire prevention and education, technical rescue, hazardous material, and other emergency services for the town. Brewster is located on Cape Cod, approximately 85 miles southeast of Boston. The department’s headquarters station, located at 1657 Main Street, has firefighter/ paramedics and …

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  Prior 1926, the Town of Brewster did not have an incorporated fire department as we know it today. The Town Fathers appointed a “Forest Warden” and it was his job to handle any fires in Brewster and to maintain the community’s fire suppression equipment. When a fire was discovered, usually trees and grass burning …

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Department Statistics

What are “Run Numbers”, you may ask?  Firefighters commonly refer to responses as “runs”.  Generally, one “run” is counted for each incident that the fire department responds to.  Runs include a wide variety of incidents such as structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, brush fires, hazardous material spills, water rescues, flooded basements, downed power lines, activated …

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The Brewster Fire & Rescue Department makes every attempt to conduct a probationary call firefighter/emt class each September. However, the scheduling of this class is directly dependent on the number of open call roster positions and the number of individuals in place on our waiting list at that time. If conducted the class is held …

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